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13 Skin
13-09 Hirsutism-Premenstrual women

Primary care guidance

Lifestyle advice

  • Encourage weight loss in women who are overweight or obese
  • Discuss cosmetic methods of hair reduction and removal
  • If hirsutism is mild and does not significantly impact on the woman's quality of life, consider no additional treatment


MHRA:Balance of benefits and risks remains positive

Co-cyprindiol should be stopped three or four menstrual cycles after the woman's hirsutism has completely resolved because of an increased risk of VTE

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Combined oral contraceptive (COC)

Drospirenone containing COC [unlicensed indication]

Examples include

  • Lucette ®

  • Daylette ®

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Eflornithine cream

If COCs are contraindicated or have not worked

Discontinue if no benefit is seen within 4 months of starting treatment and refer to secondary care


NEECCG - Eflornithine is non-formulary

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